All makes of Tyres at Lowest Prices

At TES we're as competitive as any other garage or tyre supplier in the Lymington area including the tyre specialists.  Put simply this means we can offer the lowest prices for new tyres.

We stock all the top tyre brands - Dunlop, Pirelli and Bridgestone - and respective sizes and styles.  We also offer budget tyres which are perfectly adequate if you're on a limited budget and driving mainly in town and short distances.

How to check your tyre size:

tyre markings

A. Width Width of the tyre in millimeters
B. Profile Height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width
C. Wheel size The diameter of the tyre's inner rim in inches
D. Speed rating A code to indicate the maximum speed for the tyre at full load


Budget to brand tyres

Come and talk to us about tyres, and we will be pleased to offer advice on what's available in the correct size for your vehicle's wheels, and for your budget. (For instance, in one week we fitted one new tyre for £40 and another for £330!)

Call us with your tyre size for an instant quote.

Winter Tyres

You may be considering winter tyres. With their deeper tread and tread pattern designed for better grip, winter tyres can give you peace of mind while the roads are liable to be slippery.  Winter tyres are a one off investment and once you've bought them at least you can only use one set at a time!  We charge just a nominal amount to change your tyres over between summer and winter.

FREE tyre and battery check

Call in if you're concerned your tyres may be a little worn and we'll check them for you.

In urgent need of a new tyre due to a puncture. The team dealt with it immediately with a tyre from stock. Very impressed. No hesitation in recommending to others. Good value too.
Review from the Good Garage Scheme.
This was the first time we have used TES Garage Services, but will use regularly in future. They are fast, efficient and very friendly service, supported by excellent customer care, this is so refreshing to find.
Review from the Good Garage Scheme.

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